What the Heck do I Eat?!

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic here. Talking about Heart Health Month. I’ve been getting all these questions throughout the month and the questions I’ve been getting from most people “I’m trying to follow what your plan is, I’m getting the inflammation out of my diet, I’m using the omega fats, but what the heck do I eat?” The majority of your diet, if you’re going to lower the inflammation of your body, lower your blood pressure naturally, you are going to 60-80% of your diet of green leafy vegetables. So, 60-80 % the bulk of your means, I know, I don’t’ want to eat a salad for breakfast, but just hear me out. In a day, out of 100% of the food you eat in a day, 60-80% should be green leafy vegetables. The darker the green the better. For those of you who have trouble with green food, vegetables, carrots, cauliflower, I don’t care, just start eating veggies. The majority of which will get you where you need to be. Then there should be lean cuts of meat or protean in there. A lot of people are against red meat, if its grass-fed beef, it has more omega fats than fish does. So, they’re a tid bit for you. Also, chicken. I stay away from pork, not for any other reason than what we will cover with immune system information later. But for now, chicken, omega fats, grass-fed beef, 60-80% of your food. One last thing I probably should talk about when it comes to cardiovascular disease, is the health of your spine, especially at the base of your neck. You’re not going to be as healthy as you could be or you should be unless you have a popular functioning spine. There are studies where people that develop forward head poster, you know the old age, nursing home posture. Or posture from texting, or typing on a computer. As your head shifts forward is begins to put pressure on the nerves at the base of your neck , which actually supplies heart function. You can go to WebMD and type in chiropractic and blood pressure, and it’ll show you that aligning that bone in the top of your neck and the bottom bones in the neck actually lowers blood pressure better than a double combo of beta blockers. There’s actually a research study done at the University of Chicago’s Medical School. So, since I’m a chiropractor, I can’t not talk about lowering blood pressure naturally without mentioning the land mark study at the University of Chicago’s Med School, along with WebMD that have shown now, proven in research, the correcting your posture and correcting misalignments in your spine, lower blood pressure because it effects how your brain communicates with your heart. So, look that up. We talk about a lot of things this month. We talked about inflammation diets, and lowering inflammation. We’ve talk about the omega fats and how to exercise properly. What the bulks of the food should be, and today not only the vegetables, but getting a healthy spine. And I always say, a healthy spine is a healthy you. Because we want to get that brain body connection moving so your body is able to function to its full potential. I’m doctor Christopher Hood. It’s all good in the hood, God bless you guys, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

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