Three Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Getting started today, when newer people are in the office and starting to get great results through adjustments, they reach some sticking points and we already talked about food, so today were going to talk about some anti-inflammatory things. What we’re talking about today are three supplements that I think everyone should take that will start to reduce inflammation in your body. inflammation in your body comes from a lot of different things, stress, the food you eat, the environmental toxins you’re exposed to. Inflammation short term is good, cause it’s our body doing what it’s supposed to, but long-term inflammation tends to cause problems like Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorder, digestive distress, neck and back pain, bad knees, shoulder pain, a whole multitude of symptoms. When people are coming into my office the first thing I want them to do is to accelerate their healing by taking some anti-inflammatory supplements. So basically, everyone wants to take a good omega fat. Omega fats are good for you, they’re good for brain development. We’re talking about fish oil, flaxseed poil, extra virgain olive oil and coconut oil. Now, fish oil reduces inflammation, and when you do that you lower your blood pressure naturally, you lower inflammation naturally, it’s really good for you. I recommend when you take a fish oil or flaxseed oil you take it with EPA in there, EPA is a refine version of the oils, which have more of an anti-inflammatory effect. Besides that, we’re going to talk about is Turmeric. That’s a spice that a lot of people cook with, a lot of curries are made with it. The active ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin, now curcumin is hard to get by itself, but if you’re just getting started turmeric has a very strong anti-inflammatory element to it. Now, onto B vitamins, B Complex Vitamins, basically B vitamins are reasonable for immune response, neurological production, your brains ability to function, your energy levels. No eating poorly can steal B vitamins out of your blood stream. B vitamins, B6, b12 they get absorbed trying to combat the bad diet, so you lose B vitamins from eating improperly and will cause inflammatory response. So, if you have the multitude of symptoms like joint pain, knee pain, back pain, or if you just want to reset your health. You want to make sure you’re taking a fish oil or a good Omega supplement with EPA in it, the second thing is a turmeric supplement, which is curcumin, the active ingredient there, and then the third thing is just a good B Complex vitamin. These are natural anti-inflammatory supplements, it’s a pleasure to deliver this content. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, and have a blessed day.

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