Healthy reset, Balancing Protein and Vegetables

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. We last talked about how to reset your health by cutting out processed food, you then asked, “well then, what do I eat?” So, here’s the percentages. When you stop eating processed food and start eating real food, 60-80% of your diet should come from vegetables. Now the darker the green, like green leafy vegetables, the better. And the reason is, we’re trying to clear out the impurities in your body. Green vegetables have something in them called chlorophyll. chlorophyll is the opposite of what hemoglobin is in your blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to your tissues. Green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll in them, if you’ve studies photosynthesis you realize photosynthesis is the process in which plants take carbon dioxide and create oxygen for you to live on. When you have a lot of vegetables in your system that chlorophyll is actually cleaning your body of radicals, it’s getting the carbon dioxide out and you expelling it as waste. But it’s actually helping your body process and get healthier faster. So, the reason for vegetables (the darker the green the better) savages CO2 and waste and helps clean your system out. You see all these people detoxes and liver cleanses and starving themselves for thirty days. You don’t need to do all that. You can for other reasons but if you’re just looking to get healthy and build your health at the majority of your diet in green leafy vegetables. 60-80% starts to clean your body out. And you’ll realize that if you cut out processed food and sugars, then you’re not as addicted to that after a couple of weeks and vegetables will start to taste good.
Now where protein is concerned, I recommend 20% or less in protein. So, 80% veggies and 20% protein. If you want to watch a great informational video, the video Forks Over Knives talks about the fact that when people start eating a higher percentage of protein in their diet compared to vegetables their cancer rates go up. So, this is documented research from a couple of different medical studies. So, what I say is 20% or protein or less and 60-80% in green leafy vegetables. I really wanted to elaborate on why we need protein and vegetables because I think if you understand the logic you will be more willing to do it and its easier.
It is a pleasure to serve you guys. I’m doctor Christopher hood from hood chiropractic and God bless.