Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Hey guys! High cholesterol! Everyone’s always concerned about high cholesterol and the effects on heart disease and blood pressure and what the heck is it? I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic and welcome too Heart Health Month! If you didn’t know, February is heart health month we want to be giving you things you can start implementing right now to reverse heart disease, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol naturally right now in your body. So, with that, we want to talk about cholesterol, cholesterol is not good or bad. As a matter of fact, cholesterol is necessary in your body for hormone production, hair, skin and overall health. The problem is, if your cholesterol is elevated, it means that your body is inflamed. Now it’s a big buzz on the internet and everything else people are talking about chronic inflammation. If you haven’t heard that you can look it up. Chronic inflammation does not mean you’re all swollen and puffy, it means the internal systems of your body are inflamed because of lifestyle. What happens is the Standard American Diet which is processed food, chemicals artificial colors artificial flavors is the cause of inflammatory reaction inside your body. If you were to think about the inflammatory reaction as a fire, think of cholesterol level being the fire hose, so inflammation is the fire and your cholesterol is trying to calm that down. So, having high cholesterol levels are actually your body’s defense mechanism due to the Standard American Diet and inflammation. So, what we want to do it is we want to start lowering the inflammation therefore lowering the cholesterol, blood pressure and heart disease risk. So how do we do that? First thing we’re going to talk about this month is to start cutting out processed food. Start cutting out food that has artificial colors and flavors. If the label says ‘monasobalobanuba’, don’t eat that, it is not good for you. Start eating natural foods, shop in the outer rim of the grocery store, stop buying food in a box. You have produce, vegetables, plenty of natural fats, and just really start calming down the inflammation by eating foods you know you should eat. We all know an apple is healthier for you than a candy bar so reach for the apple at snack time and you’ll see if you stop eating process food and start drinking good clean water, the inflammation will calm down your cholesterol levels will go down and you’ll lower you risk of blood presser and heart disease long term and have Heart Health. That’s what we want, that’s what we’re going for.

So, I’m doctor Christopher Hood, it’s all good in the hood, I will see you next week, God bless you guys.


What is chiropractic care and why is it so important?

So have you guys every hear when you talk to your friends “Man, I went to the chiropractor and it was the most amazing thing ever. They cured my diabetes” no you don’t hear that do you? Or you’ll have some people that’ll say “the chiropractor is the  most amazing thing ever, they made my sciatica go away” But if spend enough time talking to people about chiropractic you really will get stuff like “wow I feel better, I move better, I function better, I don’t get sick as often, my chronic disease is doing better.” And then you have to ask yourself why? What the heck is that all about? How does going to the chiropractor and getting your back ‘popped’ effect your overall health? I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, I’m a chiropractor and I just want to take a quick second today to talk about what chiropractic is and what chiropractic isn’t. I think that hard part about that is that people think when they go to the doctor, they have something they want to get rid of. Right? They say they have backpain and want to get rid of it. Or they have high blood pressure and want to get rid of it. But what if the problem isn’t that when you go to the doctor you have something you need to get rid of. What if the problem is you’ve lost something you should have and that’s effecting your body’s ability to function properly? Chiropractic is about function, it’s about the ability of your body function. The first thing we should talk about it “what is health?” And traditionally what we’re taught is that health is about looking good or feeling good.  “As long as I feel good then I’m healthy” But is that really what health is? Don’t we all know people who feel good in the morning? They wake up, like my grandfather, but then have a stroke by noon? So they felt great that morning yet still end up in the hospital by noon that day. Or how many people wake up that morning and feel fantastic and then go to the doctor that same day and they go “Oh by the way your blood work came back with cancer” cause you can’t feel cancer and you can’t feel heart disease. So just quickly, so we’re on the same page, health has nothing to do with how you look or how you feel. Although that’s how our culture or our society judges health. If you look up health by definition, the World Health Organization defines health by function. So, if your body is 100% then you have health. So the World Health Organization’s definition of health is “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” For my patients in my practice the reason why we get such overall health change is because we teach them how to get their bodies functioning optimally. I always say in the office, “health is not owned, its rented. And you’re paying rent on your health everyday.” So every day you’re either doing things to improve the quality of the function. Eat right, exercise, get your spines adjusted. Or you’re not doing anything about your health and instead of building health or optimizing function, you’re actually getting sicker over time. If that makes sense. So, that all being said. We all know that we should eat right, because eating right builds health and function. We should exercise, because exercising builds health and function. There’s even old sayings by our grandparents. “You are what you eat” right? So, we know that we’re supposed to eat right we’re supposed to exercise. One thing is that when I talk to people in the community and when my patients first come into the office, they don’t realize that your spine dictates the function of your health. It’s just on more piece of the puzzle that people don’t know needed to fit there.

I’ll try not to bore you to death with this, I’ll be as quick as I can, but I find this information fascinating. I started my health care career in pharmacy and I use to work in a hospital and I worked in drug stores on weekends and so I thought heath was about how you felt, because I was giving people medication to make them feel better. I went to a chiropractor really reluctantly in my early 20s, they taught this to me and it was like a switch or a light bulb that went off in me.

So, let me explain why. If health is in terms of function, we have to ask what system of the body controls the function of the body. The way your body works is that your brain is sending energy down the spinal cord out each of the nerves to the organs. Your organs are 100% dependent on the energy from your brain. So just like a cardiologist would focus on the heart and cardiovascular system and an orthodontist and dentist would focus on the teeth and the mouth, chiropractors focus on the spine. Your spine is the bones that surrounds and protects your brain and your spinal cord which is called your central nervous system. And a healthy nervous system is essential to your overall health. Your brain is sending electric chemical signals down your spinal cord in your neck, out each of the individual nerves and to your organs. Your organs actually send electrical chemical signals back to your brain so that the central nervous system can coordinate function with your organs to speed up of slow down chemical reactions in your body to optimize function. All the things your body’s doing everyday:  heartbeat, breathing digesting food, turning whatever food you’re eating to get healthy this year into living breathing skin hair and nails. That’s all taking place because the spinal cord and brain are actually organizing and controlling that function.

Now these bones, there is a normal alinement of the bones that make up your spine. We want the weight of your head and the tail bone to be positioned over the joints of the back. So, when you have normal alignment or position the energy from the brain can travel down the spinal cord out the nerves to the organs and the body can function properly. But what happens to us is stress. Stresses in your life can either be instantaneous like accidents or falls. Or stresses that accrue over time like texting or being on the computer. Or mental chemical stress, how you think effects your health cause your brain controls the function of your body. So, if your mentally stressed your heart rate goes up your digestive system has a problem all because of the brain.

Now, There’s a normal alignment, or position, of your spinal bones. And because of physical stresses either sudden or over time, either individual vertebrae, several vertebrae together or entire sections of the vertebrae can shift of misaligned from their normal position. If you move these vertebrae out of position the clinical term is subluxation or as most people know it as a pitch nerve. A subluxation is when your vertebrae is moved out of position, that subluxation blocks the energy, so the energy can’t get pass the area out to the organ. Then the organ that’s connected to that area progressively weakens and deteriorates. Now I know that’s a big step because I know you’ve never thought of this before, but it should make perfect sense. Now I really don’t see problems in people’s health because of accidents or trauma, now that does occur, but I see repetitive stress day in and day out. Nutritional stress, chemical stresses, physical stresses, mental stresses and emotional stresses decreases the body’s ability to communicate over time. Now as a chiropractor, what we want to do is we want to evaluate your spine. Check to make sure it’s lined up correctly from tip to tail. Now if it’s misaligned does that hurt? Yes, it does. And can it cause back pain or neck pain? Sure, it can. In fact, a lot of my patients come in for that, because they feel that directly. But when they’re here we realize that that pain might have brought them in, but their health is a greater responsibility than just fixing that pain. So, chiropractic is that we correct the areas that are misaligned back into as close as their normal position as we can. And get their brain and their body communicating again, increasing the function of their body, increasing the function of their nervous system. Then we start adding food and fitness and lifestyle, so then their bodies can begin to function as close to normal as possible. One of the things my mentor use to say is “if we can line up your spine and your lifestyles with God’s intentions, then your body functions better and you get healthier”

So, if you have misalignments in your spine or subluxations, and you’re not getting them corrected, you’re like a ferrari running on half its cylinders. You look good and you move but you’re not functioning at peak potential. I want you guys to understand we want your brain and your body to communicate we want that central nervous system to be able to orchestrate and control the function of those organs. I’ve brought this up before but think about the digestion of food and the organization of hormones and bio productions and kidney’s regulating blood pressure and your liver filtering your blood. That’s a lot going on that your body controls without thinking about it. Now that’s called an innate intelligence, the inborn innate intelligence of your body is controlling that function and that’s being orchestrated through your nervous system. So, we want to increase your innate intelligence, increase your body’s ability to function and then change your lifestyle to support that. That’s how chiropractors get great results.

I know that’s a lot to take in, but I just wanted to share that with you guys. Cause so many people come in and say “How do you get such great results with your patients?” It’s because we’re lining up their brain and nervous system so that the innate intelligence in their body helps their body function by correcting the misalignment in their spines and getting their brain to communicate with their organs. Then we start changing nutritional components optimized for function, we get you guys regulating an exercise routine, and we teach stress and time management, because how you think does affect the health of your body. So, we can get those things lined up that’s how we get health miracles. I started this conversion with how people say that chiropractors help with neck and back pain, but you do get the people that say “I’m off my blood pressure medication after going to my chiropractor “ “My diabetes is better when I go to the chiropractor” “I’m not as stress when I get adjusted” and “I function better and my immune system is better” All these miracles happen but I wanted you to understand that there’s a scientific explanation for why they happen and it’s just not that they’re getting their back ‘popped’. What I’m doing is getting their spines lined up, along with their health and overall lifestyle.

I’m Doctor Christopher Hood. I hope you found this very informative and gave you a little insight into what chiropractors do. It’s all good in the Hood and God bless.

Athletes of Life

Hey everyone, how is that paid gym subscription going for you? You ever buy a gym subscription? I know they’re getting cheap now, but you buy one and you never go? Are you that person? I know I am. I’ve done that too; a lot of people do that. As we’re cranking through New Year New You I know you guys are hitting your New Year’s resolutions, you’re making your mark, you’re losing weight. And you notice if you’re reading my blogs for January I have not really talked about the exercise portion. The reason is because exercise only makes up about 25% of the game. 75%-80% of your physical health is nutrition. So you notice we’ve been talking about that pretty steadily, but as we hit the end, at least for January, we want to build consistently for the rest of the year. Hopefully you worked through the Incremental Fasting stage. You got your Food Timing down. Now we’re going to discuss the exercise portion. Now, no one goes to the gym one time and looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Just wanted you to know. And the other thing is most people, they’re not trying to train for the Olympia. You know Arnold lifting weight getting huge like that was specifically for him trying to win Mr. Olympia like nine times or something. You know? Or Lance Armstrong, give or take some of the stuff that’s come up in the media, he was training to win the Tour de France . When you look at athletes who a lot of people want to idolize, they’re training for pacific events. You guys are Athletes of Life. What you’re training for is, this is what I train for, having fun with my kids, go for walks with my wife, be able to throw a football with my kids, be able to run around the yard without having a heart attack and dyeing.  So we’re training to be Athletes of Life here.

So you got the nutrition, now I recommend you start working out early in the morning. Now, everyone is a little bit different, if you really like lifting weights like I do, do your weights but for most of the human population that I talk about, you don’t need to join a gym membership for this. All you have to do is get up in the morning and go for a walk on an empty stomach. First thing in the morning, when you first get up. Drink your glass of water, no coffee yet and just go for a nice walk for 20 minutes. If you enjoy riding a bike, ride your bike. Whatever you like to do go do it. I know with my wife and I, we walk the dog with the boys. It’s an enjoyable thing. Exercising should be something you like. Go paddle boarding, do something you enjoy doing. You want to keep it up for 20 minutes. You want to keep your heart rate up pretty good while you’re doing it. I’m not talking about dragging, I see people walking the dog while smoking a cigarette, that’s not what we’re talking about here. Talking about getting your metabolism going, getting your exercise thing going, but do something you like. 20 minutes every day and it’ll be beneficial. People say “aw, you’re supposed to exercise three days a week.” But I’ve learned in my practice that if I say three days a week you’re never going to do it. So, exercise every day. And then you’ll get going and you’ll do it 3-4 days a week, that’s what we want. The reason I bring up the gym membership is cause I see so many people spend money on that and then never use it. If you want to save some bucks, cancel that and just get up and start doing what you enjoy doing when you get up in the morning. 20 minutes every day. Now some people say “oh I’ll do it after work” but will you really do it after work? If you were going to do it after work you would use the gym. Life gets in the way. You have to pick the kids up from soccer practice, or there’s an emergency or grandma needs help with something. I want you to do it first thing in the morning, give some time to yourself. The benefit of doing it first thing in the morning, if you exercise on an empty stomach when you first get up your metabolism is 15%-20% higher all day long. So then that initial hit where you get your heart rate up stays with you 15%-20%, so you continue to burn body fat throughout the day.

So, first thing in the morning or never, something you enjoy, stop wasting your money on a gym membership you’re not going to use it because you’re not trying to be Arnold Schwarzenegger. You’re trying to be you for your family and for your kids. I just hope that this really fuels you as the year progresses and you really hit your goals for the year because your health is honestly your most important asset. So, I’m Doctor Christopher Hood. It’s all good in the Hood, God bless you guys.  

Frequently Asked Questions About Water

Hey everybody, Doctor Chris Hood here, drinking my water and it got me thinking, a lot of my patient ask me “what is proper hydration? How much water should I drink? Why do I need to drink water? What’s the different between drinking water and coffee and soda?” Your body is over 85%-90% water. I didn’t say it was made of coffee or soft drinks or sports drinks. Its 85% water, to 90% water and the research continues. And when you don’t drink enough water, your body doesn’t have a response besides thirst to let you know that you need to drink more water. So, the trick is and this is what we learned when we were going to school to be a doctor. That when you’re thirsty it’s your first sign of dehydration. So, if you’re constantly walking around thirsty, then your chronically dehydrated. So, your body needs water because every major process, your blood is mostly made out of water, you’re Cerebral Spinal Fluid is made out of water. Your Synovial Fluid, that’s the fluid that lubricates your joints when you move, is made out of water. Your skin is mostly made out of water, your organs are mostly made out of water, your brain is mostly made out of water! Which you’ve most likely felt if you’ve ever had a hangover. Because the reason you have a hangover is because you lose water in your brain from the alcohol. I’ve never experienced that personally, but you gotta get that point, right? Your brain shrinks, it hurts. So, the thing I want to get through here is that water isn’t something you should do, it’s a necessity. There’s been books by incredibly brilliant medical doctors written, one was called ‘your body’s many cries for water’ it was written by a colleague, Dr.Batmanghelidj. You can read this on your own, I’m not promoting the book. He talks about the fact that a lot of the chronic diseases we suffer from now, including cancer, he talks about fibromyalgia, auto immune disease, are because people are walking around chronically dehydrated. So, my recommendation is start drinking more water. How much water? The minimum daily requirement. 6 bottles of waters a day which equates to the total of 3 liters. 3 liters a day keeps the doctor away. If you drink enough water, your body naturally will begin to function better. If everyone reading this, just started drinking 3 liters of water a day, aside from having to pee a lot more, which I’ll say good, you’ll get more exercise waking back and forth from the toilet. If you started drinking more water and you watch a video, thirty days from now or you email me in like a lot of you guys do with questions. I’ll tell you, there will be so many healthy miracle from so many people drinking water. You won’t know what to do with yourselves. So, the reason I have 3 liters listed out cause we all are challenged with the metric system. A bottle of water is about a half a liter. So, we want to do 6 bottles of water a day at a bare minimum. The thing about that is that water is essential to life. If you read books on it, if you look the subject up this is a big question by my patient base. 6 bottles of water a day, 3 liters a day keeps the doctor away. If you like this tip and you’re thirsty for more. Don’t hesitate to follow us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter or Instagram. We’re coming at you with a lot of health tips to take your health in a new direction, in the right direction. It is a pleasure to serve you guys, I hope you found this interesting. Oh! One last tip as I go through this.

Water does not equate to coffee or sports drinks. So, caffeinated beverages have caffeine in them. Caffeine is a diuretic. It actually makes you lose water. So, if you’re drinking coffee during the day, I actually like my cups of coffee during the day, I drink two cups a day. You have to drink an extra cup of water for every cup of coffee you drink, same thing with soda with caffeine in it. Cause caffeine cause you to lose water. So, if you’re doing the 6 bottles minimum or the 3 liters and you get a cup of coffee a couple times a day or some soda that has caffeine. Make sure you drink two extra cups or one extra cup of water for every caffeinated beverage.

Hope you liked it. I’m doctor Christopher Hood, God bless you guys. We’ll talk again soon.

Three Supplements That Everyone Should Have

Hey guys Dr. Christopher Hood here. A lot of my patients are always asking me “Doc, what do you do? What are your supplements? What do you recommend?” First off, hear my heart when I say I recommend eating good quality food before we even talk about supplement. Eating the right type of food is something we should all be investing your time and our money into cause it’s cheaper to eat food, it’s better for you, it absorbs better than supplements. That being said, there are three supplements, THREE! That I recommend for all of my patients and if you’re not a patient, theses supplements will still be very beneficial for your overall health and well being. The first one is a good B Complex vitamin. B Complex vitamins are what I like to call the Standers American Diet the artificial colors, the artificial flavors, the preservative, the pesticides. The sugars, the amounts of sugars that are in there, the artificial sugars, they all rob B Complex vitamins, the B vitamin series out of your systems. B vitamins are responsible for immune system functions, they’re responsible for your brain and body activity, they’re responsible for different types of energy levels. Your body uses the B vitamin as catalase for different chemical reactions so when I’m talking to patients and I realize their fatigue and they’re drained a lot and they have all these issues, I recommend a good B Complex vitamin. B Complex vitamins are a staple for my nutrition component and I actually take a lot of these. You can’t overdose on B vitamins, they’re water soluble, so make sure you take a good B Complex vitamin and do that every day. The B Complex vitamin we have, this B Complex itself has close to 300 mg in a dose. 300 mg twice a day would be a great recommendation.

The second thing I always recommend patients because of the same thing, the diet we eat, the Standard American Diet, is a good probiotic. Probiotics a lot of people will talk about probiotics and the reason they want to use them is because they think they don’t need to use a probiotic because they’re eating yogurt. The dairy in yogurt is actually counterproductive. Not that you don’t get a good probiotic out of yogurt but to really replenish the flora by biota you need a stronger product. The one I recommend I recommend is by a company called Strengtia. It has 30 billion cfu of the different mixes, so when you’re looking at probiotics, understand you want a good complicated probiotic. With three main biotas. So Strengtia is a great product. I would take this once a day. Again 30 billion is what your coliform count wants to look like. Why probiotics? The food supply that we have, particularly the meat supply in our country is pumped full of antibiotics. To keep the cattle and chicken healthy they actually pump antibiotics and steroids into the meat. So even though the meat is cook and prepared, you’re still getting antibiotics in your food supply. When you take a steady stream of antibiotics, it kills both good and bad bacteria in your system. There’s some good, healthy bacteria in your digestive track that needs to be there for proper digestion. When you look at all the patients we have and all the people we have in our society that have digestive issues, irritable bowel, crones, colon problems, a lot of it is because of the antibiotics we’re taking, and in our food, let me talk about taking them. If you’ve taken antibiotics over your lifetime, note that antibiotics are killing not just the bad bacteria your infected with, that’s a brilliant thing, right? Medicines a brilliant thing. It’s also killing the good bacteria in your system as well. So, if you’ve been on a lot of antibiotics you’ll see people get things like thrush and yeast infections and it’s because the good bacteria have been killed by the antibiotic as well, not just the ones that made you sick. So, good probiotic again, very very healthy for your system at least once a day.

And the last supplement I recommend on a basic level is a good vitamin D supplement, now vitamin D itself is a fat-soluble vitamin. So, fat-soluble vitamins can become toxic if taken in high levels.  This product that we have has far as vitamin D is concerned has about 5000 iu. They measure vitamin D just like vitamin E, in ius, not mg. you want about 5000 iu a day in your system. Vitamin D is responsible for everything from skin health which is an immune system, immune system health, energy levels as well as just general wellbeing. So, vitamin D is robbed by the same Standard American Diet as well. So, that’s my recommendation and initial supplementation. Not just for my patients, but for everyone. Again, a good B Complex vitamin, a good probiotic and a good D vitamin supplementation. 5000 iu for vitamin D. 30 billion cfu for probiotic and 300 mg twice a day for the Complex B as well. You can take most of the B if you’re getting sick. It can help your immune system and again it’s not going to create a toxic amount. Cause B vitamins are water soluble. If you like this information on basic nutrition supplementation. Make sure you like us on Facebook, make sure to follow us on Twitter or Instagram it is a pleasure to serve you guys with some life changing information. If you have any information of need help on a local level. Go to www.hoodchiropratic.com I hope this give you great information, great content. Love and appreciate you guys and we’ll talk again soon.


Stopping Neck Pain So You Can Start Moving in the Right Direction

Who’s a Batman fan!? You know, I’m a huge superhero fan, my two-year-old runs around talking about the Avengers. I’m definitely a Batman fan, but every time I watch those old Batman movies, the ones with Michael Keaton in them, I keep thinking that he’s going to get his butt kick because he can’t turn his head left and right because of that stupid costume. It’s like when superheroes wear capes, it’s like the dumbest thing ever! Yeah they look cool but someone’s going to choke him with it. I watch Batman he can’t turn is head, I’m worried he’s getting his butt kicked. I like Batman, I want him to win. Hi, I’m Doctor Christopher Hood and I’m not here to talk about Batman today I’m here to talk about something I see my patient deal with. When they walk around looking like Batman in that stupid costume because their neck hurts so bad they can’t turn their head. Let’s get real, you’re not Batman, you’re not worried about fighting crime. What you are worried about is driving the car with the kids to get them to school and you can’t turn your head right or left and you’ll get hit by a car. Or you can’t sleep at night because it hurts so bad you’re afraid to even lay down on the pillow cause it’s going to go into spasms. Or you’re like me, where your kids want you to wrestle with them and you can’t wrestle with them because you know that if you move a certain way it’s going to hurt all the way down into your arm. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, I want to get real I want to help you guys, give you some good information that you can do right now to stop that, so you can start moving in the right direction. So, there’s a couple things about this. Every once in a whole, like me, you’ll be wrestling with the kids, you hurt your neck maybe you slept funny. Grandma use to say, “Did you sleep in a draft?” where it hurts your neck and you wake up and it’s a bit stiff that’s a onetime occurrence, no big deal right? But if it starts to occur repetitively over time it’s definitely a sign that’s there’s a larger problem going on in there. Everyone gets something going once in a while. But if its repetitive then I want you to take some action. First thing I want you to do is know what you’re doing. You if can place your fingers in there and feel that it’s in a specific area once you develop that neck pain and really stiff neck which will actually call torticollis, that’s the clinical term you can feel it in there when you’re prodding you can feel a real specific trigger point in there. Do yourself a favor and ice it, don’t heat it! Wet paper towel on your bare skin, ice pack on the wet paper towel. 20 minutes at a time, only! That’s what you want to do, but if it’s the entire side of your neck where you feel it up to the back of your skull, down into your neck, down into your shoulder that’s when you want to apply heat. I see it all the time, where patients are heating it every time or icing it every time. This is one of those times where you want to be really general and specific by what you’re doing. So again, pin point problem, ice, large area being invoked, heat it up. Same thing, nice easy gentle, 20 minutes at a time, ice or heat. My concern with it is when it’s a long term repetitive problem. Is it’s not the wrestling the kids, the sleeping in the draft. But when you’re feeling it consistently, that’s what you call a forward head posture problem or a spinal misalignment problem. So, what we want to look at is your posture. So, when you look at posture you guys ever seen as people get old they start looking like they get this forward head posture, they get that hump on their back. When you have chronic neck issues, if its chronic its happening all the time for you and its repetitive, it’s the gateway to developing that old man old lady posture and that hump on your back. What happens is there individual spinal vertebra in your neck, they should have a normal curve in them. I’m always baffled when I talk to patients about this and they think the spine should be straight, but if you’re looking at the x-ray of the neck from the side. It should have this normal mark of curve where each bone lines up over the tip and the bones should be nice and square and white with no rough edges or arthritis, and the spaces in between, your disks should be nice and big and open. You have to understand the nerves that are actually running from your neck muscles down into your arm, heart, lungs, are coming from the space between our bones and the disks. So, what happens to us in our modern Pokémon Go society, where we’re all texting, spending a life time on computers, if we lose that natural curve in the neck and that curve begins to straighten out. When it does, the weight of the head, which is like that of a bowling ball, which is about 12 pounds, shifts from the back-posture part of the joints where its designs to be, supported by big thick bone to the front which is no bueno, it’s not design to support weight, so as the head moves forward the muscles are grabbing it, trying to stop that and that’s when we get the long term repetitive problems with the neck. If you have that, it’s a sign that your spine is miss aligned the weight of the head is causing arthritis or degeneration on the front of the bones cause it’s no weighted properly and over with like a rusty hinged on a door won’t open or close, that’s when you start seeing that old age posture, that hump on your back. That comes with problem like balance issues. So, what we want to do is we want to evaluate you. You want to go to a chiropractor like myself, that evaluates that curve and starts getting you correct through exercise and adjustment to get that natural curve back in your neck. So that it stops it from being a problem and more importantly stops the old man posture the old lady posture and the hump on your back and long term disability ratings. I hate it when I see patients that we could have helped if they just done something about it when they were in their 20 and 30s now there in there 70 and 80s and they can barely move and their worried about walking down the street with the cane. So, if that’s you and you’re to the point where you want to do something about it now, where you’re proactive before you have to be reactive. Go to www.hoodchiropractic.com log in, click on our website and come see us. If you like this, go ahead and follow us on Facebook, like us on Twitter, follow us on Instagram. Subscribe on Youtube where we’re always coming at out with new videos. The real goal there is to teach you guys the truth about your health, get you moving in the right direction and make sure you have a long, strong, active and healthy life. Cause its easier to stay well then to get well. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood and it’s a pleasure to serve you guys. God bless.

How to get rid of Headaches

So! What if tomorrow you woke up and didn’t have a headache ever again? So many patients that I see suffer from headaches, migraines, sinus headaches, headaches from all sorts of different things. If you woke up tomorrow and didn’t have another headache ever again, what would you do differently with your lives? Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Hood from Hood Chiropractic and today I’m going to give you three simple things you can start doing right now, if you have headaches, to start making them better. The first thing is, there are different types and causes of headaches and all of us have those, but the type I see the most common right now, this years, is what we call cervicogenic headache. And when I say cervicogenic, I don’t mean women’s body parts here. I mean cervical, like, neck cervical spine. I know it sounds crazy but right now we’re living in a technology world where everyone has something we like to call techno neck. From texting all the time, people on computers all the time, my average patient will spend seven to eight hours a day on a computer. When you’re in that posture and your head is forward like that…I’d like you think of your muscles in the back of your neck, to your traps, to the mid of your arms all the way up to your eye are contently trying to pull your head back. So, the majority of the headaches that I currently see now in my office are caused from the repetitive stress of people being on the computer for long periods of time, texting, techno neck, the posture of looking down. You know that old age posture where you see people get into? You’re going into the posture prematurely and don’t even realize it. It’s going to cause headaches, neck pain. Okay! Headaches! What do we do to reverse that?

Number one at the end of a long day, you’ve been working hard, you’re that person playing video games, on the phone, or you’re just at work all the time, and you’re in that computer posture. Reverse that posture! At the end of the long day go ahead and lay your head off the end of the edge of the bed. I know it sounds crazy but it you were a little kid like me and use to read those ‘choose your own adventure books’ maybe I’m dating myself but saying that, basically when you read upside down when you’re a kid, that’s what I want you to do. I want you to put your shoulders off the end of the bed, lay your head back, put your arms at your sides and take a couple of deep breaths in and just relax. Let those muscles relax, let your spine relax, you’ll be able to decrease the amount of muscles spasms in the back and start working on your posture and it’ll start calming those headaches down. That’s number one

Number two if you have a headache and the headache is getting worse and your trying all these other things, do yourself a favor, don’t put heat on it! A lot of people will get in the shower, start to stretch their neck out start to stretch their head out, that’s going to make things worse. Lite ice, the way you want to do that, most people never taught you this before, they’ll say “yeah ice this” but no one knows how, right? Wet paper towel on your bare skin, the back of your neck. Because the muscles are pulling, remember the cause of that headache, those symptoms, that techno neck, wet paper towel on your bare skin, ice pack on the wet paper towel, you can use a bag of peas, bag of carrots, I don’t care, just something icy. 20 minutes only! When you put it on its going to be cold, it’s going to burn, it’s going to ache, it’s going to go numb. 20 minutes pull it off there, between the icing and the stretching should calm it down immensely, so those are the first two things if you’re getting headaches, it’ll help.

Number three Ergonomics. Listen guys you can’t help it in our modern society using technology and I get that, my patents see that. I go out of my way to help my patients with lifestyle modifications so you know so that they can get better quicker. So, what we want to do here, is when you’re at work, a couple basic things. The monitor of your computer should be at eye level or above. Most people are on a laptop now a days, so they’re looking down the whole time. You want it eye level or above, so you’re looking up putting your spine into that natural curved position. That naturel curved position brings your head over your shoulders. You also want to make sure you’re drinking plenty of water during the day, in our modern fast paced society a lot people are using those highly caffeinated beverages, coffee, just to get through the day, and every time you drink a caffeinated beverage it actually acts as a diuretic and you lose water, and chronic dehydration guess what, causes headaches. So, that’s the forth thing!

So, let’s review what we’ve talked about. Number One, you want to stretch your head at the end of the day, right off the bed and let those muscles relax that are going up into your head and your neck. Number Two, you want to go ahead and ice it, if it’s really a problem, if you have a bad headache and you ice it down a little bit in the back of the neck you’ll feel better right away and on top of that, you’ll know it’s coming from the muscles of the neck

Number three, right, Ergonomics. Ergonomics at work. be aware, if you have no choice at work but to be on a laptop or posture down that way then do yourself a favor, ever hour or so get up stretch with your head back, three deep breaths in, stretch you upper back and neck it’ll help

And number four, of course drinking plenty of water. I meant to do three, we did four here. It’s an extra bonus, it’s for free! So, the forth one, what you’re going to do, drink plenty of water. You want to do three liters a day, that’s 6 bottles of water a day. I know what you’re going to say “Dr. Chris! If I drink that much water I’m going to have to pee a lot,” Good! You’ll get more excurses walking back and forth to the toilet okay. So, there’s an extra health tip you didn’t even expect. So, at my practice when I see patient with headaches, what I tend to see in our society is that their head is starting to translate forward from their body because of technology. So, as you translate forward, you can actually see this on an x-ray, so when people come in my office that have chronic history of headaches, and you know it’s not allergy related and you know its tension and stress headaches, and you know where it coming from, that type of posture, we take an x-ray, it’s the only way we can determine if the spinal bones are misaligned. When the spinal bones are misaligned because you trained them to get in this forward astray, old age nursing home posture prematurely, right, cause you’re in your 20 or 30s and you’re in this posture the muscles are in spasm, the only way to identify that is with a digital radial graph or an x-ray. So, we take a normal x-ray and in an x-ray. The spine should have this normal curve where your head is back over your shoulders, when you get that techno neck or that hump in your back and the head forward it causes headaches. So, the goal and care in my office is to correct that, bring the posture back into normal alignment through general adjusting and some really basic exercises in the office and at home so that we can get to the cause of the problem. The headaches are being caused by abnormal posture and abnormal structure we correct the posture put it back to normal, correct the structure.  Your body heals, functions and operates the ways it’s supposed to. SO, those are your tips today, I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. I hope that helps with the headaches. More importantly if there’s anything we can do to help…It’s all good in the hood here at Hood Chiropractic. Have an amazing day, it was good taking to you.

Back Pain and How to Relieve it

Did you ever wake up in the morning after sleeping and you’re like “OH MY BACK!!” you get out of bed and you can’t move. Or maybe you worked all weekend in the yard and you have a great day and you’re like “Oh! I pulled my back while twisting” and you get that cold drink and sit down in the lazy boy and you go to get up and can’t even move cause your leg is numb. Hi I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic and I will tell you I’ve been in back pain before. I know it can be debilitating and it happens to all kinds of people in all kinds of different ways. So, if you’re reading this now, I’m going to give you three quick and easy things you can do right now, where if you’re in this situation wither it just happened, wither its chronic and it happens all this time for you, it can give you a bit of relief.

Okay so, here we go. Number one. When it bothers you, wither its happening all the time or its just grabbing you from the twisting it in the back yard. You don’t want to hate it up. So many people say heat feels good, man I get that. I like hot showers too and heat does make the muscles feel better. The problem is, someone with back muscle spasms, if you heat it, you’re bringing more blood to the area. So people are going in the hot shower and twisting it up. That’s the wrong thing to do! You’re going to bring more blood to the area. You’re going to sit on grandmas heating pad, flip that switch on you’re going to lay there for an hour then you’re going to get up and not be able to walk. Heat brings more blood to the area it’ll tighten up. So, what you’re going to do instead. Number one, you’re going to ice it. Wet paper towel on your bare skin. You don’t want to just slap a bag of peas on there, it’s going to burn you. What you’re going to do is get a wet paper towel it’s going to insulate you. You’re going to put it on your bare skin where ever the injury is. Bag of peas, ice pack, bag of ice I don’t care. 20 minutes only. If you ice pass 20 minutes, your body has a nature reflect where it brings more blood to the area, it’s going to bring more blood to the area just like putting hate on it. 20 minutes on 40 minutes off. That’s the first thing. Ice not heat. The second thing you’re going to do is you’re going to want to use some kind of natural anti-inflammatory. My subjection for that is flaxseed oil, fish oil, extra virgin olive oil. This are omega fat oils you guys hear about in the news everyone all crazy about taking fish oil, there natural anti-inflammatory. Its’s food man, just natural food. Couple of those everyday will start bringing the inflammation down along with the ice goes a long way. Number three, third thing. Most of the injuries that I see are actually not really accruing in the lower back. But are coming from tight hamstrings and hip flexors. So many patients that I have in my office don’t actually take the time to exercise or stretch anymore. So, when they go to be that weekend warrior who’s going to plow the back forty of their house and pull weeds and get everything done, it’s just too much on their bodies. So, a regular stretching regimen is important. Now when I say hip flexors, there’s a muscle called the piriformis and the piriformis muscle actually is the hip flexor and it attached to the disked in your back. So if you pull that muscle man, it’s going to feel like you blow a disk in your back. You can walk in my office with a cane. You’ll be 20 years old but you’re moving like your 90. Be like “doc I pulled my back!!” some people come in and are like “I pulled my scgatica” and I’m like “scgatica?” there like “my scgaitca hurts!!!” and I’m like “Oh sciatica!” different, right? That muscle the sciatica nerve runs through that muscle. If you put that in spasm. Man, you’re going to feel that all the way down your legs. So preformist stretch, nice and simple, you cross your leg over, you stretch. By the way if you haven’t stretched in 30 years. Stretching happens when you exhale. So, people go to scratch and they lean over to stretch and there like *gasp* it hurts and they hold their breath. Nice easy deep breathing. I don’t believe in biolistic stretching, biolistic stretching like the swimmer getting ready to swim. Don’t do that nice easy stretching on that muscle. The reason this happens to most people is, number one, they’re not flexible. Number 2 their spine is misaligned in there lower back and pelvis from an accident or injury when they were a child. But really, what I see clinically, we sit too much!!! We’re in cars all day, we’re sitting in desks on computers all day long and its putting us in this old ages posture. If you look at a normal x-ray of a spine from the side. The loser back is this natural ‘C’ shape curve and when you have that natural curve the muscles are attaching the way they want so when you bend and move things work properly and the nerves that go into your legs are nice and health. But since we’re sitting all day long our backs lose that natural curve. We just sit so darn much it brings the pelvis underneath and straightens that curve out. Then we go to do something, you know you shouldn’t pick up the newspaper and blow your back out. You should be able to pick up the paper, but because you lose the curve in our lower back you don’t have the muscle, they won’t act correctly, so when you do something you should be able to do, like weed the garden or sleep and the muscles grab and pull. So, in my office on top of the three things we were talking about, what I would want to do to fix that curve is actually find the cause of why you’re having it. So, we want to take an x-ray of an abnormal straighten curve into a natural relaxed curve and you would do that through some genital adjusting and through some very physical exercises both here at the office and at home to get that natural curve back in your lower back. You know why? Because we want the change to be permanent. I want you to be able to pick of your kids and go play golf. Do the things you like but as times progress and that curve continues to straighten out it’s not going to get better it’s going to get worse. So, if these tips have helped you, that’s wonderful you can like us on Facebook, like us on Instagram, follow is on twitter. We try to create a lot of valuable content for the community. We like to say “it’s all good in the hood”. We’re here to help you, God bless you guys. ALL GOOD IN THE HOOD. See ya

Food Timing: Mind Blowing Information on Eating Right

Hey everybody. Are you tired all the time? Like, you get up and you’re tired and you get through your day and you’re tired? And you wake up and you need coffee to revive, then at lunch time you need caffeinated soda to revive? And at dinnertime you hardly have enough energy to be with your family?

If you suffer from that I can help. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic and today I know right now at this stage, as you’re working through the month, you’re like “I’m getting my health back on track. I’m exercising now. I’ve been losing a couple pounds. I’m eating right” It’s January, it’s a new year, we want to be building that. You guys are working through that right now. Now’s the time to implement something that I call, Food Timing. See, I’m going to blow your mind with this information. Cause most of us are taught when growing up that we need to eat and balance carbohydrates, proteins and fats at every meal. Like “if I balance this stuff every day and like at breakfast I need to ratio that and lunch I need to-“  We’ve even heard diets like that, it’s not true. The truth is your body needs different sources of fuel at different times during the day. SO, what we have to do to really maximize our weight lost and our fitness and our bodies changing, we need to actually time what you’re eating at different times. Let me explain, so, food timing. Your body is prominently made out of proteins and fats. So, when you sleep at night, we’ll start with dinner and we’ll work our way through to breakfast. When you’re sleeping at night, you need building blocks to rebuild your health and rebuild our strength. So your last meal of the day should be really high in proteins and really high in good healthy fats. That’s kind of counter to what the Standard American Diet is. You’ve heard me call that sad before. The Standard American Diet is a lot of carbohydrates, lots of pasta, loading up at the end of the day cause you probably haven’t eaten all day long. So, the last meal of the day, if you want to super charge your fitness at this stage of the game, last meal of the day, high in proteins, high in healthy fats like avocado, nuts or seeds and lots and lots of green leafy vegetables. No calories there, that’s your last meal.  Your body’s than rebuilding all night long, it’s been utilizing energy, to use those proteins and fat to build healthy strong cells, muscles, tissues, heart, lungs, whatever. So, your first meal of the day needs to replenish your energy supply. So, that should be good carbohydrates. No proteins no fats, good carbohydrates. What do I mean? No pancakes with butter and syrup, were talking about oatmeal with almond slivers on it, little bit of natural honey, or we could use a sweet potato here. I know it’s not chic right now to be eating a sweet potato for breakfast. But that’s what we’re taking about. First meal of the day we’re replenishing that energy. I prefer the oatmeal, gluten free, steal cut oatmeal. It works really good, you can put some dry fruit in there, like raises, dried cherries, something like that. Then your lunch meal. Your lunch meal should really be the traditional dinner meal. That’s when you’re going to balance your carbohydrates, like some good aromatic rice. I would stay away from the pastas, but some vegetables and proteins. So, the balance of the carbohydrates, proteins and fats are there. Now if you really want to pour kerosene on the fat burning fire here, the other thing you’re going to do is you’re going to snack during the day because the more you eat, I’ve talked about this in a previous blog, but the number one user of energy in the human body is digestion. So, if you’ve gone through the fasting stages we’ve talked about and now you want to start eating more meals to keep that digestion cranking. You’ll do the breakfast meal than you’ll do a snack. You’re going to eat now every two to three hours. So your first snack is going to be high in carbohydrates, that’s where you’re going to have an apple or a fruit. Then the lunch meal is going to be the balance. So, you’re working towards cutting out the carbohydrates and moving towards proteins, fats and vegetables for dinner. So, you’re afternoon snack would be nuts or seed or even broccoli, or pees or green beans, raw vegetables would be fine there, or steamed vegetables for the afternoon snack. And then what we talked about for dinner. And if you’re really still hungry after dinner, that’s when in my family instated the protein shacks. We use protein shakes there, blend it in with a lot of ice, makes it feel like it’s a milkshake. That’s the goal there. Food Timing, it’s key to keeping your weight loss and your health building as we work through the month.

It’s a pleasure to serve you guys, again, Dr. Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. It’s all good in the hood. God bless you guys and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Intermittent Fasting: A way to lose weight without working out or without trying

Alright quick question for everyone. What if you can lose weight without working out?!

How many people want to lose weight without working out or without trying. Well, I’m here to tell you how to do that. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic and here we go into 2017. New Year New You is the theme for everyone I speak to in the community right now. The number one thing that comes up is “I want to lose weight, I want to get in shape, but I don’t really want to work out. So how do I do that?” First thing we’re going to teach today, which I think is just a blessing to you guys this year is Incremental Fasting. Now, you can go read on this, my good friend, Dr. Joseph Mercola, he talks about this if you want to follow up, but Intermittent fasting is how all the stars that you see in Hollywood lose weight quick for roles. That’s it. I know you say, “well how do lose their baby weight? How do they get thin quicker? How do they get lean and mean?” They do it like this. The last meal you eat during the day is before midnight. Just be with me here. I’m not telling you to fast or starve yourself. When I say, Intermittent fasting people get afraid of it. What I’m telling you to do is that your last meal of the day is like midnight, and you don’t eat again until 11 o’clock the next day, 12 o’clock if you can push it. So, you’re literally going another 12 hours without eating. Now your first meal after you do this needs to be high in protein and fat. So, you don’t want to like, go for a big carbonated smoothie or a go get an egg and cheese biscuit from a fast food restaurant. It needs to be high in protein and fat. The way it works is one of the number one users of energy by the human body is digestion. And so you’re constantly using energy to digest food. And when that happens, think about it like this, your digestive system, your liver, your pancreas, it never gets a brake. So, your pancreas is always producing insulin to break down sugar. So, what happens when you Intermittent fast is your body resets its response called leptin. It’s a hormone, leptin response. And so there for your metabolism starts to pick back up your blood sugar levels starts to stabilize. You don’t have to do this for a long period of time, I recommend something like thirty days. And listen, if you’re a diabetic or you have health challenges you like, the average Joe or Josephine, you want to go to your doctor and just double check that it’ll work for you. But this is what everyone does, this is what stars do, my wife and I entered this phase as of January 1st. Cause we gained a couple extra pounds through the holidays. But it’s called Intermittent fasting. http://www.mercola.com/ has a great article properly if you want some more information. Not that I want to promote someone else’s website, you should be going to mine. http://www.hoodchiropratic.com. but I just want you to know, detailed information is on Joe Mercola’s website. Intermittent fasting the secret to losing weight quickly and healthy and easy, not hard on the body. Everyone says to me, gosh I’m going to be so hungry if I don’t’ eat. First day or two, and then after that when your blood sugar stabilizes, you feel better your energy level goes up, you’re not even hungry when you do it. You can use caffeine in the morning by the way if you are hungry, like coffee or tea, just don’t put any milk or cream in that, I recommend a little bit of coconut oil in the coffee and that kind of cuts the acidity of the coffee and it tastes great, especially if you like coconut. So, I hope that helps, Intermittent fasting. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. Remember to share this information with your friends. A lot of people right now really want to lose weight, get healthy from the holidays. And we want to help you do that. Again, that’s Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic, it’s all good in the hood, God bless you guys and we will see you all soon.