Three Anti-Inflammatory Supplements

Getting started today, when newer people are in the office and starting to get great results through adjustments, they reach some sticking points and we already talked about food, so today were going to talk about some anti-inflammatory things. What we’re talking about today are three supplements that I think everyone should take that will start to reduce inflammation in your body. inflammation in your body comes from a lot of different things, stress, the food you eat, the environmental toxins you’re exposed to. Inflammation short term is good, cause it’s our body doing what it’s supposed to, but long-term inflammation tends to cause problems like Fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorder, digestive distress, neck and back pain, bad knees, shoulder pain, a whole multitude of symptoms. When people are coming into my office the first thing I want them to do is to accelerate their healing by taking some anti-inflammatory supplements. So basically, everyone wants to take a good omega fat. Omega fats are good for you, they’re good for brain development. We’re talking about fish oil, flaxseed poil, extra virgain olive oil and coconut oil. Now, fish oil reduces inflammation, and when you do that you lower your blood pressure naturally, you lower inflammation naturally, it’s really good for you. I recommend when you take a fish oil or flaxseed oil you take it with EPA in there, EPA is a refine version of the oils, which have more of an anti-inflammatory effect. Besides that, we’re going to talk about is Turmeric. That’s a spice that a lot of people cook with, a lot of curries are made with it. The active ingredient in turmeric is Curcumin, now curcumin is hard to get by itself, but if you’re just getting started turmeric has a very strong anti-inflammatory element to it. Now, onto B vitamins, B Complex Vitamins, basically B vitamins are reasonable for immune response, neurological production, your brains ability to function, your energy levels. No eating poorly can steal B vitamins out of your blood stream. B vitamins, B6, b12 they get absorbed trying to combat the bad diet, so you lose B vitamins from eating improperly and will cause inflammatory response. So, if you have the multitude of symptoms like joint pain, knee pain, back pain, or if you just want to reset your health. You want to make sure you’re taking a fish oil or a good Omega supplement with EPA in it, the second thing is a turmeric supplement, which is curcumin, the active ingredient there, and then the third thing is just a good B Complex vitamin. These are natural anti-inflammatory supplements, it’s a pleasure to deliver this content. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, and have a blessed day.

Healthy reset, Balancing Protein and Vegetables

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. We last talked about how to reset your health by cutting out processed food, you then asked, “well then, what do I eat?” So, here’s the percentages. When you stop eating processed food and start eating real food, 60-80% of your diet should come from vegetables. Now the darker the green, like green leafy vegetables, the better. And the reason is, we’re trying to clear out the impurities in your body. Green vegetables have something in them called chlorophyll. chlorophyll is the opposite of what hemoglobin is in your blood. Hemoglobin carries oxygen to your tissues. Green leafy vegetables have chlorophyll in them, if you’ve studies photosynthesis you realize photosynthesis is the process in which plants take carbon dioxide and create oxygen for you to live on. When you have a lot of vegetables in your system that chlorophyll is actually cleaning your body of radicals, it’s getting the carbon dioxide out and you expelling it as waste. But it’s actually helping your body process and get healthier faster. So, the reason for vegetables (the darker the green the better) savages CO2 and waste and helps clean your system out. You see all these people detoxes and liver cleanses and starving themselves for thirty days. You don’t need to do all that. You can for other reasons but if you’re just looking to get healthy and build your health at the majority of your diet in green leafy vegetables. 60-80% starts to clean your body out. And you’ll realize that if you cut out processed food and sugars, then you’re not as addicted to that after a couple of weeks and vegetables will start to taste good.
Now where protein is concerned, I recommend 20% or less in protein. So, 80% veggies and 20% protein. If you want to watch a great informational video, the video Forks Over Knives talks about the fact that when people start eating a higher percentage of protein in their diet compared to vegetables their cancer rates go up. So, this is documented research from a couple of different medical studies. So, what I say is 20% or protein or less and 60-80% in green leafy vegetables. I really wanted to elaborate on why we need protein and vegetables because I think if you understand the logic you will be more willing to do it and its easier.
It is a pleasure to serve you guys. I’m doctor Christopher hood from hood chiropractic and God bless.

Health reset, cutting out processed foods

Hey everybody, Doctor Christopher Hood here, and let’s get started on your health reset! The first thing I advise everyone to do is cut out all processed food. Processed foods are manmade in a laboratory. They literally sit in laboratories and design food based on its taste and its shelf life. So they can make money selling you processed food over a long time period, but not once do they talk about its nutritional value or its abilities to increase your life or your health, its all about making it taste good and prolonging its shelf life so they can keep making more money. Anything that comes in a box, so that rice that you can cook up in five minutes, or the mac and cheese dinners. Food in a box in the middle in the grocery store, is the first thing you need to cut out. Any processed food, anything when you read the label that you can’t pronounce it, you shouldn’t put in your body. When you eat chemicals, your body has to process those chemicals and the process of that has to take filtration from your liver. Your liver gets a problem over years of doing it and it will cause damage over time. Cut out processed food. Shop on the outside of the grocery store, where you have the vegetables, where you have the meats. The easiest way to think about it is that if it grows on the planet, it’s good for your health. When I talk about that people say “Oh my gosh, organic food?! It is so expensive. I can’t afford that.” Let’s shift your mindset here, the truth here is if eating healthy food saves you one long term proscription medication or one hospital stay, it literally pays for itself. So, I’m not talking about spending all your hard earn money on organic groceries that you have to buy at some expensive store. I’m saying shift into a mindset where you’re eating real food that grows on the planet, vegetables, proteins, things that are actually increasing vitality. And shift away from food in the box that is processed in a wrapper. Because when you eat that your body doesn’t know what to do with it and its toxic long term. So, cut out processed food and start eating real foo that naturally grows on the planet.

Hopefully you’re getting information that can start moving you in the right direction.

Once again, I’m doctor Christopher Hood and God Bless.

The Thyroid Gland

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood, we are in nutritional month. We already went over the general overview, we talked about brain body connection, and we also talked about the gallbladder. Today we’re going to talk about the thyroid gland. The thyroid gland is overlooked in both men and women, most people are concerned about it only because it affects the gaining of weight, but the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland and the brain together actually control a lot of metabolic function which is important for health. The reason I bring it up because what happens is the thyroid gland in the neck, if you’re a person that deals with thyroid issuers, what we usually see is that your diet isn’t rich in something called Iodine. Now, Iodine is necessary for the production of thyroid hormones T3 and T4. So, what we’ll see in the production, is if you lack Iodine in your diet, your body doesn’t have what it needs to healthy thyroid hormones. Now people think “well I’m eating Iodized salt” Also known as table salt. You can’t extract it there. Its more used as a preservative. You actually need to take an iodine supplement or you should be eating it in food. If you’re a sushi fan, seaweed paper as a lot of Iodine in it, kelp has iodine in it, beats of Iodine in it, cabbage has Iodine in it. So, there’s different thing you can eat that have Iodine in there. We want that in your diet almost everyday. If you’re just not a fan of any of those things, you can take a supplement called Prolamine Iodine. Prolamine Iodine is a protein Iodine so even with an Iodine allergy you should be fine, but always check with your doctor first. But I just wanted to give you some tad bits on what you can do. If you don’t have it in your body constantly, your body can’t make the hormones. Another tip, if you’re getting choline from the shower through your skin, or in the tap water that you’re drinking it will out compete for Iodine. So, even if you’re taking Iodine and you’re experiencing high levels of choline you want be able to utilize it. Lastly as a chiropractor one big problem is where everyone is developing rounded shoulders and a forward head poster, from everyone being on their phones or working on the computer all day. Understand the thyroid gland in right in your neck, so when your neck started to travel forward, it will actually put compressive force against the nerves that are sending the signal from the brain to the thyroid so the thyroid works properly. So, what we do as chiropractors is that we make sure we get your spine to a normal alignment in your neck. So, the brain and thyroid can communicate properly. If you haven’t been to the  chiropractor and you’re having thyroid issues, please, seek out a chiropractor, go take a look, so your body works the way it’s supposed to work.

I hope you enjoyed, I’m doctor Christopher hood. You have an amazing month, and I’ll talk to you again soon.

Digestion, and how to support it

Hey, I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic and one of the things I want to talk about today is digestion. So, I get a lot of patients that are really focused on nutrition because their stomach hurts, they get a lot of gas, they have a lot of blotting they notice that they eat it makes them sick. They get a lot of constipation, diarrhea, I know its gross but it’s true. And what I’ll fine in those patients, is that their digestion is just so far gone because their eating the Standard American Diet, S-A-D, that’s what it is, SAD. And its effecting their bodies ability to function. So, we want to change that diet, we always talk about how the diet should be 60-80% green leafy vegetables, no processed foods, plenty of omega fats, lots of water, good protein sources, but you have to understand years of eating the Standard American Diet end up causing a problem with your liver, it’s production of bile, and eventually your gallbladder.  That way most people get their gallbladder removed, it’s not just a normal sign of aging, the digestion and indigestion after their eating, packing down the tums trying to get down the acid and indigestion. It’s all a sign that your liver and gallbladder aren’t functioning properly. One of the things you want to do to reverse that, if you still have your gallbladder, every morning when you get up, you want to drink a cup of warm water with a wedge of lemon squeezed in there. The lemon juice and the warm water gets you digestion flowing, gets your bile flowing gets your liver functioning before you eat. If you already have your gallbladder removed, your gallbladder is actually necessary, it stores bile, and bile is used to break down fat. So, when you eat a fatty meal, excess bile is stored there, it squeezes into the liver to break down flat. If you had your gallbladder removed, you can’t process fat properly. That’s why you see a lot of people who have their gallbladder removed, after removal will start gaining weight around the mid-section, even though they haven’t changed their diet, their hormones system becomes affected and they become fatigued. Cause their body can’t break down fat properly. So aside from the lemon juice and warm water I also recommended these three supplements. Now when I tell you these supplements, if you’ve had your gallbladder removed, unfortunately you have to take these for life. The thing is, you don’t have enough bile salts to break down fats, so you need to take that artificially to stimulate it. Those supplements are AF Beta Food, Cholacol and Betacal. Those are natural bile salts. You have to have a doctor to get them. You would take those before every meal, your body will be prime to brake down and digest fat, your metabolism will be better and your digestion will feel better and therefor you’ll be healthier. Healthy digestion is really key to your body, because your digestion systems is one of the major organ systems in your body that’s constantly working , it never stops cause you’re always eating food.

If you guys like this, it is a pleasure to talk to you again. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, it’s all good in the hood, God bless.

Nutrition of the Brain

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood here. How many of you guess say, “There is so much information, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to apply it.” I’m teaching this stuff and I feel the same way, every time I go on the internet, there’s more information and how it applies. So, we’re going to get into some pacific this month. So, when it comes to nutrition, the first thing we want to address is the nutrition of the brain. Your brain is controlling the function of every other major organ, gland and system of your body and it does that through the spinal cord. Your brain is sending energy, electrical chemical signals through the spinal cords, down to the nerves that go to your heart, your lugs all the tissues! But! How do we nourish that brain, plenty of people come into my office, that are feeling tired, fatigued, depressed and they don’t know why. So, it all starts with is your brain. Your brain is control your functions. Number one thing I tell people what they can do is taking good healthy, omega fats. Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids are essential for brain developments. That’s why grandparents gave us fish oil as children. Because it healthy growth of the neurons of the brain. The brain is mostly made out of fat and protein, essential fats are responsible for making sure your synapses fire off when they’re supposed to, so you’re brain works at a sufficient pace. It also reduces inflammation in the body, lowers cholesterol, SO GOOD FOR YOU. 3000 mg of omega fats a day keeps the doctor away. 3000 mg a day, helps nourish your brain keep it healthy, keep it thriving. Number two thing I see people doing, which is incorrect is that people are using artificial sweeteners. The pink packet, the blue packet, the yellow packet, they all have neurological consequences. So much in fact that they’re doing research on multiple sclerosis and parkinson’s disorders along with artificial sweeteners. So, you got to cut out using artificial sweeteners. Pink, blue, yellow, oh my gosh, they’ll have purple one day, I don’t know. They’re bad for you, stop it, it is a neurotoxin get them out of your diet. Instead, what do you want to do? Stevia, stevia is a natural plant, it’s a ground up plant root. Its ultra sweet though, if you’re going to use it. So just a little tinsy bit, just a little bit goes a long way. You can use xylitol which is an alcohol based sugar, doesn’t affect your brain or your pancreas, if you’re worried about diabetes. You can also just use natural sugars, honey, raw sugars, dark molasses. No artificial sugars, instead natural sugars or stevia. The third thing we want to talk about is a nutritional supplement they just came out with. I’ve just been experimenting this within the past year, it’s called EHT. EHT itself has been show to increase the synapses in your brain so you’re brain functions better. So, it’s a newer product and now you’ve heard of it.

I hope these things are beneficial to you all, I’m doctor Christopher hood, it’s all good in the hood. God bless.

What to expect during Nutrition Month

Hey guys, it’s Doctor Christopher Hood, and you made it through Valentine’s day. You hammered down all the chocolate you can this month, so let’s get started. It is Nutrition Month. In the month of March here, we want to get some really good topics so that you can really get granule with nutrition. Now, when you see us talk about nutrition, we’re talking about eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, talking about eating plenty of omega fats, drinking plenty of water. But we don’t always get pacific. So, this month we’re going to cover a couple of key things. We’re going to cover brain health, we’ll talk about brain body connection. Your brain and your spinal cord control the function of everything in your body, which is why every man woman and child needs to go to the chiropractor. It’s the missing ingredient of so many people’s health regiment and protocols that they just don’t know. I didn’t know when I worked as a pharmacist, I learned it now I live it, I love it and now I’m teaching it. SO we’re going to talk about brain health and how that supports health metabolism health body.

We’re going to talk about the thyroid gland, we’re going to get into the fact that your metabolic changes, your glandular system, what you need to do so that stays health. A lot of people have issues with the thyroid glans

We’re going to talk about the gall bladder, digestion. A lot of people don’t realize that the second largest part of your nervous system, after the brain and spinal cord is the digestion system. So, you have a whole second part of a nervous system in your stomach, your digestive system.

So aside from the general things, vegetables the omega fats, drinking plenty of water, eating lean proteins. All the things you hear that we have covered in the past, this month we’re going to get very very pacific. With thyroid function, gall bladder function, healthy brain and nervous system functions. So, that nutrition month is like on steroids. We’re going to teach you things that you can apply right away.

We’re going to give really great content that you can apply for not just yourself but for your family. Again, I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, it’s all good in the hood. We’ll chat again soon. God bless


What the Heck do I Eat?!

Hey guys, Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic here. Talking about Heart Health Month. I’ve been getting all these questions throughout the month and the questions I’ve been getting from most people “I’m trying to follow what your plan is, I’m getting the inflammation out of my diet, I’m using the omega fats, but what the heck do I eat?” The majority of your diet, if you’re going to lower the inflammation of your body, lower your blood pressure naturally, you are going to 60-80% of your diet of green leafy vegetables. So, 60-80 % the bulk of your means, I know, I don’t’ want to eat a salad for breakfast, but just hear me out. In a day, out of 100% of the food you eat in a day, 60-80% should be green leafy vegetables. The darker the green the better. For those of you who have trouble with green food, vegetables, carrots, cauliflower, I don’t care, just start eating veggies. The majority of which will get you where you need to be. Then there should be lean cuts of meat or protean in there. A lot of people are against red meat, if its grass-fed beef, it has more omega fats than fish does. So, they’re a tid bit for you. Also, chicken. I stay away from pork, not for any other reason than what we will cover with immune system information later. But for now, chicken, omega fats, grass-fed beef, 60-80% of your food. One last thing I probably should talk about when it comes to cardiovascular disease, is the health of your spine, especially at the base of your neck. You’re not going to be as healthy as you could be or you should be unless you have a popular functioning spine. There are studies where people that develop forward head poster, you know the old age, nursing home posture. Or posture from texting, or typing on a computer. As your head shifts forward is begins to put pressure on the nerves at the base of your neck , which actually supplies heart function. You can go to WebMD and type in chiropractic and blood pressure, and it’ll show you that aligning that bone in the top of your neck and the bottom bones in the neck actually lowers blood pressure better than a double combo of beta blockers. There’s actually a research study done at the University of Chicago’s Medical School. So, since I’m a chiropractor, I can’t not talk about lowering blood pressure naturally without mentioning the land mark study at the University of Chicago’s Med School, along with WebMD that have shown now, proven in research, the correcting your posture and correcting misalignments in your spine, lower blood pressure because it effects how your brain communicates with your heart. So, look that up. We talk about a lot of things this month. We talked about inflammation diets, and lowering inflammation. We’ve talk about the omega fats and how to exercise properly. What the bulks of the food should be, and today not only the vegetables, but getting a healthy spine. And I always say, a healthy spine is a healthy you. Because we want to get that brain body connection moving so your body is able to function to its full potential. I’m doctor Christopher Hood. It’s all good in the hood, God bless you guys, and we’ll talk to you again soon.

Cardiovascular Exercise and How it Strengthens Your Heart

Use it or Lose it! It’s the old adage “Use it or Lose it” you guys have heard it before, get your mind out of the gutter, I’m not talking about anything bad here. I’m talking about exercise, we’ve talking about heart health and what I’m really talking about here is getting your heart working. Use it and strengthen it or it weakens and goes away. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic. We’ve heard that in terms of exercise and muscle growth but I don’t really people think about it in terms or heart health.  The reason you want to exercise, partially cardiovascular exercise, is to strengthen your heart. I’m not talking about running a marathon or triathlons, although if that’s your thing go for it. We’re talking about, getting out and walking, jogging, race walking, swimming, walking the dog. Anything you like to do that gets your heart rate up, strengthen your heart. The stronger your heart is, the more efficient it is, the easier it is to pump blood, the blood pressure goes down, stress goes down longevity goes up. When you’re talking about exercise and utilizing the heart and utilizing strength, what we’re talking about is when you exercise your heart, when you raise your heart level up, your hearts has to contract harder, the arteries have to work harder and then they rest over the 2-3 days after the exercise they get stronger, therefore more efficient. Increase efficiency, increase blood through, increasing health. So, simple thing we can do for Heart Health Month, get out there and start moving. I recommend you exercise early in the morning before the day gets going. Go for a walk, take the dogs out there, get you heartrate up, don’t just putts around. Go out there and get your heart rate going, go on a walk with your family, go on a bike ride with your kids, whatever you need to do.

I hope you guys enjoyed this, Heart Health, get it stronger get those mussels going.

I’ll talk to you guys soon, it’s all good in the hood. God bless

Using Omega 3 to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally

Hey guys, so you want to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally? Especially since Valentine’s day is coming up. If you’re not aware of it, February is heart health month!

But if you want to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol naturally I’m going to give you some great tips right now because what’s a better gift for the ones you love than being healthy and living a long strong and active life. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood from Hood Chiropractic, and one of the things that goes on when someone has blood pressure or cholesterol challenges, is they use medication because what they’re trying to do is keep their arteries clean. Now, the arteries in your body, you start with your heart and they run arteries that run blood from your heart through your entire body, the arteries aren’t just a blind tube, they actually have three layers to them. You have the outer layer, inner layer and the middle layer. The reason they have that is because when your heart pumps those arteries pump too, so they actually pump with your heart. They don’t just lay there; the heart doesn’t just do all the work. So, you’re heart pumps and your arteries pump at the same time. The internal layer is called the tunica intima, it’s a Latin word for “The middle area” that layer actually has a smooth muscle that contracts with your heart. So, you hear people that end up with blood challenges and they’re worried about having atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, which is hardening and plaquing in the arteries. What they’re worried about is the arteries can’t flex anymore when the heart beats, and therefore the heart has to work harder and therefore your blood pressure goes up cause your heart is working harder and it is bad for your long term health

So, tips you can start using right now today is using omega fats. Fish oil, flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil. Coconut oil works as well even though it’s not technically an omega 3 fat.  But omega 3 fatty acids strengthens the tunica intima, the internal arteries, so when your hearts pumps and the arteries work better, and by having strength your heart doesn’t have to work as heart so it last longer.

My grandmother use to say “the candle the burns twice as bright lives half as long” If your heart is working overtime because your arteries don’t work right, you’re hearts not going to live all those years God intended and your just not going to have a healthy and vital life. Simple key, omega fats. 3000 units a day of omega fats, keep your arteries working properly, keep the tunica intima oiled up is you want to look at it like that. Keep the atherosclerosis and arteriosclerosis, hardening and plaquing, down. And you get to live a long strong health life. Omega 3 fatty acids 3000 units a day.

We’re really happy to be bringing quality information that you and your family can utilize to increase their health. Healthy family, loving family, long life together. I’m Doctor Christopher Hood, it’s all good in the hood. We will talk to you soon, and God bless.