I began my career in health care as a pharmacist. After graduating from pharmacy school at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana and working as a pharmacist, my outlook on life was transformed when a friend suggested I visit a chiropractor to improve my asthma related breathing problems and left shoulder pain. I didn’t know what to expect, but I was genuinely surprised when simple chiropractic adjustments helped and even corrected my health conditions! My chiropractor visits improved my quality of life so drastically that eventually, I sold everything I had in order to attend chiropractic school to heal other suffering individuals. My passion has always been helping others achieve optimal health and vitality. Based on my prior experience in health care, I understood that it would be my responsibility to educate the community about chiropractic treatments because many individuals don’t understand what chiropractic care truly means. Many in our community simply view chiropractic care as the treatment of pain. However, my profession has allowed me to share the benefits of lifelong chiropractic care with others every day. I will continue to educate our community about the dramatic health benefits experienced by families and individuals over a lifetime of chiropractic care. I am excited to meet you in person and share my story with you while guiding you on the road to health.